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06/23/22 7:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Why just play games for fun when you can play games for real rewards? In Sertopia you’ll be able to train your skills in multiple games and win real prize! Sertopia is a play-and-earn mobile gaming platform that rewards players for skill and effort. Play games to earn real rewards! download Sertopia app now!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Sertopia NFT Roadmap

– Project funding
– Sertopia App : Complete app development
– Sertopia App : Minting Dapp launch
– Sertopia NFTs : STN launch
– Sertopia App : Release Sertopia app for Android
– Sertopia NFTs : The first phase of public sales – 50%
– Sertopia Token : STT Token Launch
– Sertopia App : Version 2.0 of Sertopia App Launch (Tournament, Avatars and token withdraw and etc…)
– Sertopia App : New games Launch (batch 2)
– Sertopia NFTs : The second phase of public sales – 30%
– Sertopia App : Community features
– Sertopia App : Release Sertopia app for IOS
– Sertopia NFTs: The third phase of public sales – 15%
– Sertopia App : New games Launch (batch 3)
– Sertopia App : Staking Launch

Additional Info

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