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06/20/22 UTC

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Project Description

An empire of fearless samurai that is located in the metaverse, take pride in our community and feast together, our club is an exclusivity for our holders.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Sharp Katanas Club NFT Roadmap

*The roadmap will evolve overtime and become even better!*

– Roadmap Launch
The katanas quality comes first, the strategy is to make our first drop as low, rare, solid and mesmerizing as possible so can freely plan our domination. Our swordsmith is working on numerous rarity criteria’s, as well as our Cursed and Possessed concepts. Our first drop will be announced as soon as our swordsmith completely forges his art. Also need to work hard with our community to make Discord and Twitter even better with new additions throughout time.


– Armament
The world shall witness our power. Every aspect of the empire will be professionally taken care of, from branding to socializing. we will also be releasing a Collection Trailer assisted with our music producer.


– First Generation

The world shall fear the empire. As a result of numerous battles led by the proud samurai’s, will display our power by dropping our first collection of 1000 Metaverse ready 8K Katanas ! which 994/994 of them are randomly generated katanas with different rarity criteria’s, 5/5 are elite katanas, and the unique 1/1 emperor’s katana.
*lucky ones will get an Oni Mask with their katana !*


– Battle Cry
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. The emperor will be leading social media raids, as our pure strength comes from our community of fearless samurai !


– Second Generation
Coming soon !

– Third Generation
Coming Soon !


– The Future Empire
Our community will still be present in the metaverse. Plan on moving the empire to the metaverse ! Will be acquiring metaverse land and host numerous events, our city will be available for former holders, actual holders and friends+, The city’s Club will only be available for holders.



Additional Info

Whitelists are occasionally being offered on our twitter and discord.

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