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Project Description

Shiny Girl Card (SGC) is an NFT designed after 8 popular girls from the game Cum & Gun.
Every SGC is unique in design, and SGC owners can dress the girls in-game into exclusive costumes as designed on the cards.
The SGC also possesses Value Guarantee and Sustainable Growth features.
The purchase cost paid by users is retained in the Contract Account (CA).
The owner can Burn the SGC they possess to obtain an amount fairly distributed according to the number of Minted SGCs currently in circulation.
The transaction fee from the Secondary Market will be returned to the CA, so the SGC possess both a ‘guaranteed value’ and ‘value-addedness’.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Shiny Girl Card NFT Roadmap

/ Item
/ Description After official sale opens
/ In-Game Skin Support
/ Every Shiny Girl Card has a one-of-a-kind unique design.

Own a Shiny Girl Card to add your favorite girl to your permanent collection~!
You can even dress up your girls in the Shiny Girl Card skins!

25% Sold
/ Limited NFT Item
/ Unique Shiny Girl Cards are making their real-life debut! By coming into possession of them, you can spend time with your favorite girls both online and offline!

50% Sold
/ Immersive Date Time, Enjoy a sweet AR date
/ The AR world which connects the mysterious and reality will open its doors. Users who own Shiny Girl Cards can enjoy a private date with girls there, and enjoy a more realistic interaction!

75% Sold
/ The Emperor’s New Clothes
/ Will be creating and distributing secret and unique surprises to Shiny Girl Card owners! As for the content of the surprise, get some clues from the item name!

100% Sold
/ Spend an exciting night with a girl, Dimension-shifting masturbation cup
/ Shiny Girl Card owners will break through the limits of dimensions, and perform more ‘private’ interaction with girls. Enjoy an unforgettable night!

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