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Shitty JPEGs







Sale Time:

04/28/22 UTC

Project type:


Project Description

1999 shitty JPEGs that unlock the Shitty JPEGs Club.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Shitty JPEGs NFT Roadmap

Pre-Launch: Community First
Want to provide a great community for degens and serious investors alike. Plan on hosting AMA’s, events and holding conversations about all the latest and most promising projects around crypto.

Phase 1: Giveaway
Want to give our community a sense of excitement so if we sell out and you mint a golden Shitty you will be sent 3 ETH to your wallet.

Phase 2: SHIT Coin Airdrop
All holders of Shitty JPEG nft will receive the SHIT Coin token airdrop. The SHIT Coin token will be our given race and utility token and allow you to participate in our DAO. SHIT Coin token will also power our future DEX and multiverse projects.

Phase 3: YouTube Series and Merch
Shitty JPEG holders will be voting on which Shitties to feature on our Youtube cartoon series as well as which Shitties to feature on our merch!! The community will also decide what how of March will be made!!

Phase 4: Metaverse Game Integration
As soon as successfully complete our launch will begin integration with our metaverse game. Will post sneak peeks on our Discord!

Additional Info

WL Mint: April 28th.

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