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06/24/22 UTC

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Project Description

SilverSeagull is an exclusive collection of 3333 NFTs tripping on the Solana Blockchain. A community-based project focused on maintaining a strong, tight-knit community while building the SilverSeagull brand.

SilverSeagulls envisions to be one of the most reputable brand creating a united community focusing on helping animals used as test subjects, while becoming the most used and respected PFP on Solana. Dedicated and plan to continue with the branding of our project around the NFT space and have connections that can further establish our brand to benefit our holders long term, while adding value to SilverSeagull.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

SilverSeagulls NFT Roadmap


Launching the Collection
– Launch Twitter, Discord and Website.
– Rewarding the growing community with giveaways including SOL, NFTs and special roles within the community with whitelisting benefits.
– Launch the collection of 3333 SSeagulls.
– Release of SS game demo.


Community& Connection
– Enable our DAO System that will allow holders of the project to have voting power on all major decisions coming to the project via snapshot.
– Current holders will be rewarded with exclusive airdrops including additional Seagulls and SOL.
– Minting rewards will be developed.
– Official Merch Store will be released to all current holders with access to high quality merch related to the SilverSeagull Brand.


Public Service
– Active and fund the community and charity wallet (DAO System will be used to decide upon which charities will be considered).
– First IRL meet up.
– Merch Store is released to the public (Limited design and quantity).


Flying Seagull
– Holders receive $SSG Token for amount of holding time.​
– Fly to earn will be accessible ( NFT holders will be able to earn $SSG Tokens by collecting gems in the game).

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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