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Sketchy Ape Book Club







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11/29/21 6:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

The sketchiest apes on the blockchain, the Sketchy Ape Book Club NFT Collection symbolizes the merging of the physical world and the digital. Each ape was hand-drawn by the artist in separate layers and then ran through the HashLips Art Engine to generate 10 000 unique and very special apes. These amazing hand-drawn “Ape Art Masterpieces” are not only awesome fine art PNGs to own, but it’s also an exclusive SABC membership that gives access to members-only benefits which will be revealed over time.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Roadmap – 10% Starving Artist Eats. Our recluse artist finally comes out of the jungle and back into civilization. – 25% GiveAways. The first 3 Free NFTs gets dropped to lucky Discord members. -50% Easter Egg. Member exclusive announcement revealed. – 75% The Book Club opens. Exclusive members write the narrative. – 100% Original Art. Original Art auctioned off with renowned auction house.

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