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Sale Time:

06/19/22 UTC

Project type:


Project Description

This Sunday starts the Minting of the new collection Launched by Skull Shamans. A derivative collection called “Black&Yellow”. Same attributes as the original main collection released on January on Polygon Network but only in Black and Yellow colours to invade Solana Network this time!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Skull Shamans NFT NFT Roadmap

1. Draw attributes making a total of 300 different ones.
2. Generate 5000 Skulls Shamans from attributes.
3. Account creation: Twitter – Instagram – Tik-Tok – Youtube Channel – Facebook Page
4. Set up a Discord Channel
5. Open a account
6. Buy a Domain & Build a Website

7. Minting and Release on OPENSEA, POLYGON Network by phases:
– 50 – FREE Reward GIVE AWAY
– 800 – 0.0001 ETH (2-3$)
– 1000 – 0.004 ETH (10-12$)
– 1000 – 0.007 ETH (20-22$)
– 2150 – To be confirmed.
8. Giveaways for Full Supporters Members and holders.

9. Create a TEAM to help develop the PLAN
10. Create the Promotion plan for Instagram.
11. Creation of videos used as a payed promo.
12. Pay for daily boosted Adds.
13. Hire Influencers and Big Accounts to post Promotion.
14. Study different promotional systems and services.
15. Develop a more solid Marketing Strategy.

16. Release New Collections. WL for members.
17. Expand on SOLANA, ETHEREUM and CRYPTO.COM Networks. WL for members.
18. Merchandising for Holders with PROOF of OWNERSHIP (stickers, posters & clothing).

19. Use the benefit of the sells to OPEN a SHOP for the NFT’s and MERCHANDISING on the METAVERSE.
20. Develop deeply the “SKULL SHAMANS” concept creating a METAVERSE WORLD and BRANDING.
21. Use the benefits to HELP the PLANET by, BUYING LAND on the AMAZON, to set free for the WILD LIFE to rebuild itself, to avoid the destruction of it by big companies.
22. Start a REFORESTING PLAN wherever can be more beneficial and sustainable.

Additional Info

Minting Stage 3.0 live on the 19/06/2022
Set to a Max. of 10 NFTs per Transaction
Price 1 MATIC each + gas fees.
Only 1000 units.

Minting Stage 4.0 live on the 19/09/2022
Set to a Max. of 10 NFTs per Transaction
Price 1.5 MATIC each + gas fees.
Only 1000 units.

Minting Stage 5.0 live on the 19/12/2022
Set to a Max. of 10 NFTs per Transaction
Price 2 MATIC each + gas fees.
Only 1150 units.

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