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05/12/22 UTC

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Project Description

Smokie Squirrel has a collection of 1818 unique NFTs featuring the adorable rodents.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Smokie Squirrel NFT Roadmap

Initial Release

Smokie Squirrel Pre-sale live on 12th May, 2022.
Pre-sale Mint Price: 0.018 ETH
Public sale Mint Price: 0.036 ETH
25% of your Total investment will be donated to the NGO that gives to the underprivileged kids of the society.

Bonus NFT

Smokie Squirrel Investors are entitled to receive a Bonus NFT and each NFT will be one of it’s kind which will be listed by us on the open sea platform.

Starting up

Project sold to 25%, NFT owners to get Smokie Squirrel NFT Merchandises.


Project sold to 50%, rewards will be raining with tickets to live events given to our NFT owners as giveaways. These are exclusive live events from various NFT projects, virtual exclusive events etc.
Lucky winners will get NFT giveaways by #SmokieSquirrel

Sold Out

When sell out! i.e 100% project sale, we have a grand giveaway.
1 lucky winner will get 1 ETH transferred directly to his Digital Wallet.
5 lucky winners who have our Special Edition Squirrels get iPhone 13 pro.
All the smokie holders will get a flat 50% off on NFTs from the next project.
Lifetime access to discord community server
Also, it’s time to donate to society. Donations to NGO led by Celebrities will be made in the name of the community.

GoNutsie Nuts

To get more eyes on what’s cooking up at Smokie Squirrel, we will introduce GoNutsie. This project involves minting up NFTs, the theme being ‘NUTS’. The project will be a complete giveaway luring people into our venture.

Mutant Nuts Launch

Smokie Squirrels obviously has SSMutants in store for you. However, there is a catch here. The people who have purchased Smokie Squirrel will stand the chance to convert their Squirrel to a Mutant only with the help of GoNutsie Nut.

Additional Info

Holders of Smokie Squirrel will Enjoy some exclusive and fun loving piece of art, plus access to our Smokie community, holder-exclusive giveaways, contests, priority in future collections, and many more!

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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