Sol Aztec God Xipe Totec NFT

Sol Aztec God Xipe Totec







Sale Time:

05/16/22 3:00 pm UTC

Project type:


Project Description

Sol Aztec God Xipe Totec , only 333 nft’s of this kind and part of Sol Aztec Gods Collection

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Sol Aztec God Xipe Totec NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 – Sol Aztec Gods  Nft Collextion design *

Phase 2 – website Launch *

Phase 3 – Metaverse & Retro video games ( in development stage now )

Phase 4 –  SPL Tokens  for games (right after mint stage  of second Nft in the collection)

Phase 5 – All Gaming Platforms goes live – beta testing and real action ( summer 2022 )

Phase 6-  New projects and secret access with nft’s

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