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05/16/22 UTC

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Project Description

5,000 Unique Hand Drawn Mobsters Coming To Solana.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

SOL Mafia NFT Roadmap

May 16TH 2022
Mint day
Mint is going to take place May 16th 2022 at 22:30:00 PM GMT.

May 2022
10% of the collection given out for FREE
10% of our collection is dedicated to FREE SOL Mafia holders. Did that to give back, to grow our community organically and give the chance to people who can’t afford to buy one of our mobsters the chance to be in the inner circle. You can claim your FREE NFT in our Discord server by doing some easy requirements.

May 2022
$50,000.00 in Solana Giveaway
One SOL Mafia NFT holder will win $50,000.00 in Solana, one specific NFT from the collection will be the golden ticket to win the giveaway. Giveaway will take place after sell out. More details to come.

May 2022
12 Inner Circle Member Exclusives
12 NFTs from the SOL Mafia collection will be called Inner Circle Exclusives. They’re unique and different from all the other SOL Mafia NFTs, they represent exclusiveness, prestige and originality. If you hold a Inner Circle Exclusive, you will be given $250 in Solana per month via a smart contract. Payments will start after collection sells out.

May 2022
Community Bank
SOL Mafia is going to have a community bank, it’s going to work with a discord voting system that only holders from the collection will be able to vote. 50% of the project’s royalties will be sent to the community bank via a smart contract. Holders will be able to decide if do giveaways, re-invest in marketing to scale the project or sweep the floor etc. The power is in the holders hands.

June 2022
Customizable Merch and More
Be launching our own merch and accessories store in April, customizable merch like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and much more that you will be able to put your own SOL Mafia NFTs on. A percentage of merch sales will be used to fund the community bank, more details to come.

June 2022 DeFi Staking Protocol
The founders of SOL Mafia will launch a DeFi Staking Protocol which is a whole other project on it’s own but SOL Mafia holders will be rewarded for holding their NFTs. They will be airdropped tokens quarterly, amounts of token airdropped TBA. This will encourage people to hold, lowering supply and increasing demand. Passive income for every SOL Mafia holder. More details to come.

June 2022
SOL Mafia NFT Game
A SOL Mafia NFT game exclusive to the SOL Mafia holders will be launched towards June of 2022. Will it be play-to-earn? Will it be available across multiple platforms? Who knows, stay tuned. More details to come.

June 2022
Trait Utilities
Since all of our SOL Mafia NFTs are unique with many trait possibilities, some traits will be rewarding for their holders. Solana giveaways, SOL Mafia NFT giveaways, merch giveaways, trips etc. More details to come.

JULY 2022
1000 Airdropped NFTs to SOL Mafia Holders
A new collection will be made inspired from the SOL Mafia collection. 1000 SOL Mafia holders will be airdropped 1 free NFT from the new collection. The collection will be in collaboration with SOL Mafia, our main project will still be and always will be SOL Mafia.

July 2022
1% of Mint Sales To A Climate Change Organization
1% of our mint sales will be going straight to a climate change organization, at SOL Mafia, believe in green energy and it’s a big reason why we’re on Solana.

Additional Info

Minting begins May 16 2022 22:30:00 GMT

Claim your FREE NFT in our Discord. Only 500 available.

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