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Solana Business Cards by SimetraLabs







Sale Time:

06/15/22 11:06 am UTC

Project type:


Project Description

Those cards will bring a long term utility to our Holder and it will be the project that finances the launch of the labs. Every month our main event, the SBC Sales will take place! During this event every holder will be able to buy NFT with a discount up to 50%. (10%/cards)

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Solana Business Cards by SimetraLabs NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
– Launch Twitter
– Launch Discord
– Increase Social Media Presence
– OG Roles and WL
– 10 Mini Games to win Gold List Spots (Free Mint)
– Launch Website

Phase 2
– Stoken Partnerships
– SBC NFT Mint
– Magic Eden Listing
– Creation of LabDAO
– 1st LabDAO vote to choose NFT’s for next sale
– 1st Blackcard Auction

Phase 3
– 1st SBC sale with 300 Sol worth of NFTs + NFTs from Partners
– 2nd SBC Sale with 200 SOL worth of NFTs
– 3rd SBC Sale with 200 SOL worth of NFTs
– Simetralabs Secret Airdrop

Phase 4
– $kerozen Token (name TBC)
– SBC NFT Staking
– 4th SBC sale with 200 SOL worth of NFTs
– Automatize SBC Sales
– Experiment #2 Sneak Peek
– Web browser Extension DYOR App

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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