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12/05/21 UTC

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Project Description

5555 Sol Enforcers are coming to the Metaverse to put an end to Ethereum’s NFTs domination.

Who likes gas fees? Absolutely nobody!
For this reason, Solana must be the one and only blockchain for all NFTs, and have a plan to make this happen.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Solenforcers NFT Roadmap

Stage #1

Creating 5555 unique Enforcers dedicating all their efforts to promote the Solana Blockchain

Stage #2

First NFT project to offer Share 2 earn. Generate your own affiliate link and earn 10% on everyone minting after clicking on your link.

Stage #3

Launching on the Solana Blockchain.Listed on every major marketplaces (,,…)

Stage #4

After sell out, will focus on the community. $20,000 will be allocated to the community wallet. Members will decide what they want to do with it through our DAO. 75% of all secondary market sales royalties will go directly to the community wallet.

Stage #5

DAO is coming! Each NFT will give you a voting right in our DAO. Merch is coming!

Stage #6

Our own metaverse is coming to life.

Stage #7

Early access to our metaverse for all Enforcers.

Additional Info

To join whitelist – Join our discord for the latest info

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