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06/02/22 UTC

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Project Description

The story of a deep sea Alpha turned JPEG…

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

SquidSqui NFT Roadmap

1 The Awakening: Every movement starts with a dream. Our founder imagines a leader of the meta generation… a leader for good. A leader for change. A leader who inspires people to create a life of excitement. SquidSqui is born.

2 Team Building: Every vision needs a team. The SquidSqui crew grows from 1 founder to an array of lawyers, marketers, moderators, web developers and smart contract specialists. The SquidSqui community builds – bringing ambitious thrill seekers together to create unforgettable experiences.

3 Take Off: Our vision comes to life. SquidSqui art, generation and smart contracting is completed and audited. Website backend development is finished and the site is live. SquidSqui NFT launch date: TBA.

4 Thrill Seekers: Live the thrill. Our events management team coordinates SquidSqui Beach Party in Miami, 2022. The event includes an exclusive beachfront nightclub rental, live DJs, and A-list celebs. All and only SquidSqui holders are invited. All attendees will receive a special SquidSqui party favor.

5 Project Collaboration: Brand expansion. Collaborate with other creators in the space for massive IRL events, including ski resort rentals, skydiving ranch reservations, yacht parties and more. Partner with game development companies to start building the most lucrative and exciting P2E game in the metaverse.

6 Launching into the Metaverse: SquiWorld Launches – an infinite universe in which players have life changing experiences, both IRL and in the metaverse. A global phenomenon, SquidSqui inspires and enables billions to live a life of excitement.

Additional Info

To get whitelisted, you must
1) read SquidSqui’s Journey and answer the question on the website;
2) follow us on twitter;
3) and be an active member of the discord.
The top invites and users who get over Level 12 (without spamming) on the Discord will be automatically entered for WL spot – but other active members will also be awarded.
There are a limited amount of WL spots available that will gain pre-sale access.

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