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06/24/22 5:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Taurus Elite is a limited nft service’s collection, that presents differents traits of rarity. The launch will be on Solana’s net ! For our team the detail make the difference! Every nft Will able you the access to taurusverse, a 3.0 web’s dimension focused in 3D printing and modelling. Limited edition of fashion clothes now Is waiting for you!

PROJECT TYPE: Limited nft service’s collection reguarding 3D printing and fashion clothing

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Taurus Elite NFT Roadmap

Phase 0 – The birth Q1 2022
✓ Assemble the team, It wasn’t difficult! Colleagues for years!
✓ NoMade Clothing and MyLab3D official sponsor partners.
✓ Brand identity/Collection Design >200 traits.
✓ Social Media – Website – Taurus Community Ready to Go!
✓ LitePaper out

Phase 1 – Short term Q2 2022
✓ Creation of Taurus Elite merchandising and official products.
✓ Partnership with bluechip.
⊚ Mint’s day, whitelist and public sale.
⊚ Staking NFT for AirDrop according to Taurus Program Shuffle.

Phase 2 – Medium term Q3 2022
⊚ Brand consolidation.
⊚ E-commerce develop / Release of official products .
⊚ WhitePaper out
⊚ Reward program for Taurus holders.
⊚ Taurus’s DAO creation 20% secondary market royalties will fuel the Bull.

Phase 3 – Long term Q4 2022
⊚ Progress through community choices and votes.
⊚ Taurus’ DAO investments through the TAURUS – INVEST program.
⊚ Design of the second collection with AirDrop included.
⊚ TaurusVerse development: the metaverse of 3D printing.
⊚ Discuss the RoadMap 2.0 together with the community.


Additional Info

WL price : 2.5 Sol 17:00 UTC

Public sale price : 3 Sol 19:00 UTC

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