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06/17/22 UTC

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Project Description

Tenkai is not just an NFT project or a brand. Tenkai is a community. . Be one of the 10.000 Rebels to enter the Heavens! .  Solid supporters of the development of the metaverse and web3 integration in every corner of our life. Believe, and know that we are not alone in this. .

Join us in the Heavens and let’s build the most creative community in web3

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Tenkai | Rebels NFT Roadmap

Our story starts here with the Tenkai Manga where the art love and the story all create meets. Tenkai is first and foremost a community that gathers around the same umbrella to tell stories, create dope art and share their voices.

Fashion is one of the primal tools we use to identify ourselves and to be honest, who does not want to feel like a cyberpunk rebel? While there will be a lot of cool drip, do not aim to be satisfied with just fashion. There is still a lot of cool stuff that want to share in the later stages like 3d figurines, dice, and maps to be used in your tabletop role-playing games as a start! You will be able to petition your ideas to be displayed in the merch store, after all it is your story, your store.ook the first step and initiative to start create the manga as the first IP but like with most things in Tenkai, it is up to you to decide!

The First Chapter is just an ember to start a fire that will engulf the entire web3. Took the first step to start this journey, but with you there will be many more steps to come. Tenkai is a community and as Tenkai will create many more IPs, art and tell our stories in many different ways together. So as the Tenkai leave the Second Chapter and forward to our collaborative works to fulfill the true goal of the Tenkai and create a Heaven for all of us to create and share a universe.


Additional Info

Join our Discord and read the ❗・how-to-cyberlist channel for detailed information.

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