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06/24/22 UTC

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Project Description

Digi Caps are a popular collection of bottle caps based on the lore of The Dreadlands and crypto currency related brands. The Dreadlands is a post-apocalyptic world in the future that was decimated by a catastrophic meteor strike. Jax Oxide, leader of the Digi Cap Raiders and owner of the Bar & Chill has caps for sale!

Have 86 different holders so far. Paris Hilton herself owns her own custom-made bottle cap from Digi Caps!!

The Crypto Cap Collection is the first of at least three bottle cap collections containing 999 caps in total. Each cap is uniquely designed by hand with specific traits from The Dreadlands. New caps are dropped regularly and have released 450/999 so far.

With every Crypto Cap comes a free undercap NFT! Undercaps hold their own value and rare traits. Hodling them means you are entered into a prize draw for the first 25 caps of the next cap collection!

Owning a Crypto Cap also grants you pre-sale access to ALL future collections, including a free mint for a Digi Cap Raider Avatar, a collection of 9,999 unique Dreadlanders split into 5 tribes! Soon to be released!

Visit the Bar & Chill and see what we’re all about!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

The Crypto Cap Collection NFT Roadmap

Digi Caps Launched
All socials established, website built, and the first 25 caps released

Undercaps unlockable content added to the main collection caps

25 Crypto Caps Sold
Take Mom out to lunch!

Begin work on 9,999 Digi Caps Raiders avatar collection

100 Crypto CAPS SOLD
Unlockable areas of the website exclusively for cap owners, with member merch, sneak peaks and additional story

250 Crypto CAPS SOLD
9,999 Digi Caps Raiders avatar set Pre-sale and release

500 Crypto CAPS SOLD
Begin work on Gamers Grind Bottle Cap collection

Look into creating a Metaverse Bar & Chill, community wallet with staking options and building in an RPG style game

999 Crypto Caps Sold
Undercap prize draw announced and winners given their Gamers Grind caps. Start roadmap 2.0

Digi Caps Endgame
Build an RPG style game incorporating all Digi Caps NFTs with NFT loot finding!

Additional Info

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