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The Cryptomasks Project







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05/08/22 UTC

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Project Description

The Cryptomasks Project is a collection of 555 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain created by The Cryptomath.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

The Cryptomasks Project NFT Roadmap


Access to Holders Channel
The possibility to participate in high value discussions with the experts on Discord and a chance to win one airdrop per month of a promising token or NFT.

Experts Incubator
To support and promote the experts of tomorrow. Many have talent but are not necessarily noticed.

Creation of a Virtual Gallery
Holders of at least two Cryptomasks will be able to expose a NFT from their wallet.

Physical Copy of Cryptomasks
Diamond hands will receive a physical copy of their Cryptomasks signed by 8th Project.

Cryptomasks in the Metaverse
Airdrop of a version of Cryptomasks usable in the metaverse.

Buying Land in a Metaverse
The metaverse will be chosen by the community. We will install our “den” there.

Recruitment of a Team
Recruitment of a dedicated project team to prepare the next steps.

More to come in Roadmap v2

Additional Info

Presale- May 8th

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