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12/03/21 UTC

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Project Description

A boy trying to figure out his steps through the Blockchain. Get an unique NFT, step into a collective journey

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

The Frameboy Journey NFT Roadmap

My First ThoughtsThis is where we are now.

A lot of brainstorming, calls, group messages and sleepless nights just to put everything that goes inside the mind of The Frameboy Journey. Have been coding, manually illustrating every asset and exploring what makes sense to our collective journey.

The Mindblowing RevealA major turning point on our journey.

You’ve probably had one yourself, right? A big reveal about The Frameboy Journey will be made on our Discord and Twitter accounts. Join the conversation and get ready to put your FrameBoy into action.

The Brain SurgeryTime to mint.

Whereas it’s a common sense NFT’s are generated while you mint, our scientists truly believe that somewhere through your personal quest you have already crossed paths with the FrameBoy Journey. So our minting process demands you to relax, concentrate and let the Frameboy team extract our NFT’s from your brain. Fasten your seatbelts, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to pack your wallet. Will be waiting for you on the other side.

You Get What You GivePayback time.

Sometimes looking back can also mean looking to the future. Willing to give 10% of our mint profits to 3 different charities or non profit organizations so that The Frameboy can inspire other journeys inside and outside the metaverse. Charity names will be announced and suggestions are welcomed in our Discord.

Tripping RoomExclusive access.

The tripping room is an exclusively area dedicated for those who own a Frameboy NFT. The community is a safe space for you to empty your mind, discover what’s going on on everyone’s head and also create unique and engaging activities for those curious enough to join our collective journey.

The Shrink OfficeTime to move on.

Well, whoever said you gotta do everything by yourself was wrong! You should definitely connect to others in order to discover more about your own journey. The Shrink Office is set to open after the mint and it’s where our big reveal will take place.

Airdrop!Duck and cover.

Give up on trying to fall asleep. Let’s go outside and spend the night staring at the skies. Might be lucky enough to spot shooting stars or even meteor showers. There are major chances of precipitation and airdrops. Advise you bring an umbrella…as well as a big basket.

Additional Info

There will be a 05% secondary sales royalties.

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