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The Silent Ones is a NFT project of 10 000 unique ninjas created on the Solana blockchain and inspired by amazing Japanese culture and traditions. When say unique, really mean that, just 2 months of sleepless nights and here you go – made over 200 different cool traits to make sure each of the shadow warriors is unique for real.

Our choice of Ninja as our hero was not accidental. 300 years ago, ninjas were basically highly qualified spies and assassins, however our hero is definitely a good guy. Believe that his main goal is to pass on everything he knows to those who deserve to become a true warrior.

The mission and the main goals of our Clan are making more than funny and creative art, aim to unite those who think alike into a community or as prefer calling it – the Clan. Our Clan is built on the principle of equality of its members and wish could spread this principle worldwide. Hope the mission of Web3 will succeed in this and our Clan will always be there for it to support.

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The Silent Ones NFT Roadmap

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