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06/17/22 UTC

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The Time Society is looking to fill the whitespace of historical representation in the NFT industry — bridging the gaps between education, and entertainment. Believe it’s a noble mission to recognize our ancestors and document our past on this new Blockchain technology, thus immortalizing the story of history. By taking part, you will become an owner, investor, and contributor to the digital timeline and Time Society community.

Creating original animated art pieces in a consistent format by fusing public domain historical images and paintings with our very own drawings, paintings, and digital edits. A short description of the moment in time is found on the “back” of the revolving card. In addition, more historical context can be found in Opensea’s description section.

The Shaping the World Collection is 30 handpicked moments with historical figures and events that shaped the world we live in.

Albert Einstein
Cleopatra VII
Genghis Khan
George Washington
John F Kennedy
Joseph Stalin
Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr.
Neil Armstrong
Nikola Tesla
Sir Issac Newton
Stephen Hawking
Steve Jobs

Bay of Pigs
Boston Tea Party
Bubonic Plague
Building the Great Wall of China
The Collapse of the Roman Empire
Discovery of the DNA Double Helix
Extinction of the Dinosaurs
First Flight at Kitty Hawk
The Invention of the WWW
The Signing of the Magna Carta
The French Reign of Terror
The Great Depression
The Renaissance
US Women’s Suffrage
There are 150 mints for every card created in this initial collection. With 15 people and 15 events, there will be 4,500 NFTs in the Shaping the World Collection. The second installment of the collection will be following soon.

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The Time Society – Shaping the World NFT Roadmap

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