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10 000

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06/14/22 3:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

Our goal is to build around ourselves an amazing and unique community of like-minded people who genuinely love NFT and 90’s hip-hop culture. This is a unique opportunity to unite people from all over the world around one project.

Time goes on and many of our favorite things are forgotten and remain in history. Want to fix that. Our project is a tribute to the 90s and the pop culture of that time in general. That era passed quickly and was undeservedly quickly forgotten.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Thug Dogs in Doggyland NFT Roadmap

2021 Q1:
Early concept of Thug Dogs

2021 Q2:

2021 Q3:
NFT and website development

2021 Q4:

2022 Q3:
Hip-hop radio on YouTube

2022 Q2:
Merch Drop

2022 Q1:
Discord giveaways and contests

Additional Info

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