Tiger Cub Club upcoming NFT drop

Tiger Cub Club







Sale Time:

01/09/22 9:00 pm UTC

Project type:


Project Description

6600 unique Tiger Cub NFTs will be released in the Jungle Metaverse with special utility and community functions.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Tiger Cub Club NFT Roadmap

– Building community channels, and selecting managers and moderators.
– 5 tigers airdrop to 5 random holders that are most active members on twitter and discord.

– 1 Super Rare NFT will be airdropped to a lucky Token Holder.
– Giveaway 1 super rare to a random Tiger Cub Club NFT holder from each of the BAYC, Cool – Cats and Metaverse community’s whitelist members.

– Will give away 1 eth to the wallet address of 2 lucky random token holders.
– Will start developing our first NFT tech product.

– Have sold out now the Tigers can get to real work!

Additional Info

Jungle Token

– These are Tiger Cub Club tokens that you earn on a daily basis for every day that you hold your Tiger Cub Club NFT. This is part of our hold and earn reward scheme. $JUNGLE tokens can be used to mint some of the extra 1500 Tiger Cub Club NFTs that are still trapped in the jungle. In addition you can redeem them to change the name of your NFT. There will be future utility announced in future on other ways you can redeem your $JUNGLE tokens.

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