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04/26/22 UTC

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Project Description

Cartographic NFTs. Gorgeous wall art of every place you love, preserved as interactive 3D NFTs

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Turf | Cartographic Art NFT Roadmap


Tested our minting system on March 31 2022.
It mostly went well – now working on improvements.

Sale starts

You will get the opportunity to buy your favorite places asap.
The most visited cities in the world will still be blocked.

Q2 2022
Merge Turfs

The bigger the better, right? When you own multiple adjacent Turfs, you’ll be able to combine them to generate one big artwork.

Q3 2022
3D Model for importing into metaverses

The 3D model of a Turf would look great on its own in a Metaverse. Also imagine that the community could create cool interactive experiences on top of your Turf’s maps.
How about a maze based off of your Turf experienced in VR?

Q4 2022
Printing service

To make it as easy as possible to get a high quality print of your Turfs, intend to offer a printing service for Turf holders.

If a Turf owner desires, can sell prints of their Turf to the general public – the owner would then receive a % of the proceeds of every sale. How many prints of Paris do you think you can sell?

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