Underground Royalty Society upcoming NFT drop

Underground Royalty Society







Sale Time:

11/30/21 UTC

Project type:


Project Description

4444 hand-drawn NFTs

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Underground Royalty Society NFT Roadmap

25% MINT
Giveaway 6 Exclusive, high rarity (top 10%) Royalty NFTs to random holders

50% MINT
Fund the Crown Jewel Treasury (community wallet) with 444 SOL

75% MINT
11 Exclusive, high rarity (top 15%) airdrops to active holders within the community

100% MINT
Fund the Crown Jewel Treasury with a grand Total of 1111 SOL and create a DAO to decide on the future of the project.

Additional Info

The Underground Royalty society is an art-driven project that seeks to empower independent artists in the space as well as established SOL projects through partnerships, collaborations and airdrops. In this way, we are uplifting independents while also rewarding everyone with great art and high-value SOL collections, making this community a collaborative, mutually empowering place.

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