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06/27/22 2:00 am UTC

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Project Description

UrBats is an NFT collection of 1915 exclusively generated NFTs living on the Solana blockchain.

The UrBats are beginning an incredible journey toward new city dwellers on the chain.

Be prepared for the marvelousness of their roommates and friends!

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Urban Bats NFT Roadmap

1. Introduction, Community building and Announcements

Establishment of the company as well as the creation of the image fragments, implementation of the rendering algorithm, algorithm for uploading the NFT to the Solana Blockchain and the Implementation of the NFT-Mint-Website.

Setting up our server infrastructures on all continents, deploying the website as well as creating our social media channels and Discord server.

Publication of our roadmap and intensive discussions with the NFT and Solana community. Will improve our website and our NFTs and respond to requests from the community!

2. Whitelisting, Uploading Final NFTs and Minting

Will begin by distributing our whitelist tokens for the official pre-sale. Will give out some Urbats for a lower price within our presale. There will be several tiers there. If you want a whitelist token, look above under the tab “WhiteListToken”. For exact dates check our channels. Follow them to not miss anything!

Central part of the actually mint is our Public Sale! This takes place directly after the expiration of the whitelist sale. The exact dates will be announced on our Discord server and our other channels.

Shortly after the end of the mint and the sale of all Urbats, the entire collection should be available on the major trading platforms to those who missed the actual auction, so the mint. For example, in contact with the operators of Solanart, MagicEden, OpenSea and some others!

3. Mintaward, Lottery and Giveaways

After the mint sells out, three lucky owners will receive a NFT, which we purchase from other famous collections. Vote on our social media from which collection buy the awards! So it’s worth following us.

Have implemented a lottery program where 3x 1% of each transaction after a rebuy will be sent to three lucky Urbat holders who will be randomly selected WEEKLY! The rewards will be paid in $SOL. Paper hands will be punished! Diamond hands will be rewarded.

Already working on more “Urban” collections that will release soon. Every Urbat holder is automatically in a pool through which regularly distribute WhiteListTokens for the next mints if our Urban collections. This way, members of the Urban community can participate in upcoming mints earlier and cheaper and surely get one of the NFTs from the URBAN gang! Currently, also considering preparing an exclusive merge for our community.

4. The Metaverse, other projects and a platform for artists

Of course, also want to launch further urban projects together with other artists! Always looking for artists and creative people who want to help place their art on the blockchain. Also want to expand our horizons and perhaps soon offer other blockchains.

Besides this NFT project, have already had much experience implementing our ERC20 tokens. For the Metaverse, currently implementing and testing our Urban-Coin! Want to shape the Web3 with a staking mechanism and many other features!

Creating mints is still very much reserved for technically savvy people. So design and implement a platform with a chain-independent launchpad where every artist or other person can easily and quickly render their custom collections and load for a Mint on every chain! After our first successful mints, with the earned Solanas, can finally take the time to give something back to the community.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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