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06/23/22 2:00 am UTC

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Project Description

Bridging the gap between artists & fans in the entertainment industry. We will be partnering up with the Top 100 DJs to get you closer to the stage!

The VIP project was created to fulfill the vision of bringing blockchain technology to a truly global and decentralized method of immersing users in a world where the consumption of entertainment is increasingly virtual and yet enhancing the live experience for the community. By utilizing the unique decentralized incentives and transparent blockchain technology, artists are able to truly hear the voice of their fans, and can co-create their world together. Furthermore, NFT holders will enjoy priority access and top of the line perks in the upcoming metaverse as well as unique entertainment experiences and exclusive access in the real world.

From online concerts in fantasy worlds to limited edition merchandise and content that exists only online, we want to ensure that each holder stands at the forefront of this revolution in entertainment and to be able to have irreplaceable experiences within the digital realm.

Imagine the possibility of being able to perform on stage with your favorite artist and to be a part of recording history.

Imagine the possibility of receiving personalized and unique merchandise for both your online avatar and real world self to own and utilize.

Imagine producing a song with DJs that you love in the metaverse and watching them get played in the real world.

That’s just where our vision begins.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Voyage in Paradise NFT Roadmap

Q1 2022
➤ The VIP Concept was born
➤ Initial NFT Design
➤ Partnership Agreement with artists
➤ Partnership agreement with Strategic partners
➤ Community Launch
➤ Marketing Kickoff

Q2 2022
➤ First Collection ViP NFTs release
➤ Airdrops
➤ Secondary Market Listing
➤ Announcement first batch of Top 100 DJs/Artists
➤ NFT Marketplace
Q3 2022
➤ Second & Third Collection VIP NFTs release
➤ Exclusive Merch Store launch
➤ Next Gen will be available for whitelist and public sale
➤ Partnerships with more Top 100 DJs/Artists
➤ Holders of earlier collections automatically whitelisted for future collections
➤ Virtual concert launch
Q4 2022
➤ Collection of more artist VIP NFTs
➤ Twitch Station Launch
➤ Partnerships with more Top 100 DJs
Q1 2023
➤ Marketplace improvements
➤ Gamefi launch
Q2 2023
➤ Release of Governance Token
➤ Metaverse Development
➤ Socialfi launch
➤ Listen to Earn

Additional Info

DJ integration –

🎧 Exclusive online meet n greet sessions with the artists

🎧 Backstage appearance with artists at real world events

🎧 Music festival tickets all over the world

🎧 1 on 1 Mastering feedback sessions pass with the artists online


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