We Are Satoshis NFT

We Are Satoshis







Sale Time:

11/30/21 UTC

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Project Description

Bitcoin Is Freedom.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

We Are Satoshis NFT Roadmap

1. Initial mint, pre-sale (November)
2. Rarity rankings published on Rarity.tools and other websites.
3. Hoodies & Posters delivery (December)
4. Vinyl toys delivery (if possible, March 2022)
5. Charitable donations to the causes voted by the community (December)
6. Family photo feature (January 2022)
7. Utility token: airdrop & claiming (February/March 2022)
8. Satoshis heaven / Resurrection (March/April 2022)
9. Merch (Q2 2022)
10. Satoshi Sidekick NFT drop (June 2022)
11. Anti-Satoshi NFT drop (August 2022)
12. We Are Satoshis animated movie (Q2 2023)

Additional Info

Each owner of the We Are Satoshis NFT can participate in our charitable activities by proposing the cause and voting for other proposals submitted by other community members. At first, a predefined number of philanthropic activities will be carried out with a budget allocated to it from the initial mint revenue.

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