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06/17/22 UTC

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Project Description

They’re hiding in the shadows… In a dystopian metropolis controlled by assassins, who can you really trust? X Tokumei features a full-blown storyline within their rewarding ecosystem.
Staking, token, upgrades and much more all to be unlocked by those who dare. The only question left is… are you ready to join them?

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

X Tokumei NFT Roadmap

1) Presale and Public Sale
From an idea to reality. The Rumble Monkeys bring together a community of like minded fighters, fighting for the life they deserve. We have created an ecosystem of Rumble Monkeys eager to step into the ring. The Rumble Monkeys are now fighting on Solana.

2) Staking Goes Live
Join the movement. Stake your X Tokumei character in the clan to earn $ANON and begin to gain power in the ecosystem.

3) Earn $ANON to unlock Items
Earn $ANON and receive exclusive items in the X Tokumei ecosystem. Earn items such as: tools, weapons, armour and maps to help the clan reach success.

4) Become a Clan Leader by Collecting the Most Items
Holders that collect the most items will become Clan Leaders. They will also have control over how the X Tokumei movement is ran and how the storyline progresses.

5) $ANON Governance
Do the Leaders have the loyalty of the clan? Every holder will have a vote to decide if the Clan Leaders should stay in power or be overthrown. Political tension, corruption and violence awaits those who speak up…

6) The Story Continues… (In Season 2)
The holder-driven storyline continues. Will X Tokumei succeed in their fight to overthrow the evil leaders of the city? Or will tension within the clan stand in the way of their success? To be continued…


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