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06/30/22 10:19 am UTC

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Project Description

Yakuza starts with a collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to The Gang : a corner of the internet where artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts meet to create a decentralized future.

Yakuza holders receive access to exclusive drops, experiences, Yakuza holders Will have special giveaways on our game when it will be on-line, Yakuza holder can order some special items from on our E-Shop with huge discount.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Yakuza NFT Roadmap

Phase I – Manifestation

  • Coordinate the artistic team and edit the 10000 NFTs
  • Create all communication channels
  • Gather a community of +10k
Phase II – Activation
  • Official Pre-Sale Minting for Yakuza becomes available
  • Free NFT airdrop (10% of the first mint) on social networks and Discord
  • Re-investing funds from Pre-sale into marketing
  • Generous holder giveaways immediately after the collection is sold out, including:
    – 5 ETH to 5 lucky holders
    – 10 Yakuza NFTs to 10 random holders
Phase III – Catalyzation
  • Yakuza will team up with exclusive apparel & product brands to create limited collabs of IRL clothing & future metaverse wearables.
  • Launch of Our Game
  • Launch of online store with first drops of branded apparel and merchandise.
  • Our team begins developing 3D metaverse-ready versions
Phase IV -Abundance
  •  First of its kind Cryptocurrency/NFT themed education and networking event for NFT holders – with guest speakers and optional spiritual-retreat type experiences. This groundbreaking never-done-before IRL meetup will be available to all holders who sign up and are able to travel.
Phase V -Enlightenment
  • Yakuza propels forward as an idea incubator & alpha group that launches products, services, and NFT collections aimed to give members more utility and value long term.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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