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Hi! All know the lofty benefits of doing yoga and exercising, there’s no need to tell a word to describe the same right?
Whether you’re someone who does have passion for exercising or you feel lazy about doing yoga/exercise, Yoga NFT is here to change the game forever!
With Yoga NFT, you get paid for exercising.
Yes you read it right, you can now Earn while walking, running, cycling and burning calories.
Not only you earn daily yog tokens for exercising, but a percentage of all earning goes as donations for the treatment of Cancer patients.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Yoga NFT NFT Roadmap

10% to Community & Charity Donations to NGO Working for Cancer patients.

$YOG Token Earn daily while walking, running, cycling and burning calories.

Lifetime access for Online Yoga & Nutrition session.

Web3 app to monitor workout & Calorie Burn and Earn Token on weekly basis.

Phase 2: Yoga Ashrams will be setup in Rishikesh India & NFT holders can exclusively come & stay there with there family.

E-commerce brand will be launched in 2 phase having merchandise related to fitness & yoga.

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