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05/06/22 2:00 pm UTC

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Project Description

YOOMOOTA is a Generative NFT Avatar Collection with 7,777 handcrafted collectibles, 9 features, and 250+ traits. It’s a reflection of the inner world and the natural structure of the human being, which materializes into a parallel universe with its planets and inhabitants.

In the future, plan to make a P2E game to provide token holders with additional utility and stimulate the secondary sales market. These are also diverse worlds and planets depicted in different ways. In the future, YOOMOOTA will become an international community in which people will participate as creators and authors.

Project advantages: – YOOMOOTA p2e game in development – 9 features and 250+ traits in addition to the Curiosities collection – $WAGMI & $YOO potential airdrop for NFT holders and more

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities


Phase 1️⃣
Selecting the main character – done
☑️ YOOMOOTA is filled with various planets and creatures. Picked Curiosity as our main character of the YOOMOOTA metaverse as the explorer and guide. Balanced traits and attributes split calculation – done
☑️ The calculation was done by our in-house math genius who perfectly balanced the distribution of traits and attributes between 7777 unique NFTs. As a result, the collection has 9 traits and over 250+ attributes, allowing each NFT to look different from one another, providing all sorts of degrees of rarity. Development of the 7777 YOOMOOTA NFT collection – done
☑️ The collection has been prepared by 7 high-end specialists managed by Taras, to ensure every detail is as realistic as possible in the 3D format and translates well into maximum 4k quality. Smart contract development – done
☑️ The smart contracts have been created by 2 developers on the Ethereum network with the implementation of the new ERC-721A format (thanks to the Azuki team for this!) so that you can save maximum fees at the mint stage. Website development – done
☑️ The animated website is being developed by 5 specialists with a top-end studio designer and will contain complete information about the project. https://yoomoota.io/

Phase 2️⃣
Media publications – in progress
🛠 We have a lot to say about the artist and the project, and we are busy preparing this! Soon you will be able to read Taras’ interviews in various media sources. Promotion and partnerships – in progress
🛠 Starting an active marketing phase by arranging giveaways, attracting the attention of top influencers in the NFT space, and attracting projects for partnership. Community building – in progress
🛠 Uniting people around a quality project is easy…even easier than adding bots, so the team is focused on attracting the most organic audience possible that shares our vision. Hype will not be far away!

Phase 3️⃣
Public sale of 7777 YOOMOOTA NFTs – planned
🗓 The team is aiming to hold a sale in spring 2022. The format will be announced in due course. Right now you have the opportunity to get onto the whitelist, by taking part in our discord activities. Introduction of the “economical flywheel” model – planned
🗓 To build a healthy economy around the collection the WAGMI Team engaged an expert to develop and apply the concept of an “economical flywheel”, that rewards members for their loyalty and supports the price of the collection. Read the full details of the economic model in the next post. Conducting a mini-game – planned
🗓 All YOOMOOTA NFTs holders will be able to compete in a mini-game for Taras merch, future YOOMOOTA NFTs and special prizes, whilst immersing themselves more deeply in the upcoming YOOMOOTA Metaverse in April 2022! Development of the second collection of YOOMOOTA NFTs – planned
🗓 YOOMOOTA Genesis NFT holders will automatically get WL for the second collection and subsequent NFT collections from WAGMI Team in collaboration with other artists. Art exhibitions and animation – planned
🗓 Taras, as part of his in-life artistic work, plans to exhibit the YOOMOOTA project in 2022 and create an animation based on the YOOMOOTA metaverse.

Phase 4️⃣
WAGMI Team collaborations with artists – planned
🗓 The WAGMI Team aims to continue bringing high-profile artists into the NFT space by helping them to build amazing projects. YOOMOOTA holders will automatically get WL for all future WAGMI Team collaborations with these visionary artists.

YOOMOOTA game development – planned
🗓 The WAGMI Team will deploy its p2e field expertise and begin planning full game development, once public sales have been completed. Holders of YOOMOOTA NFTs will receive airdrops of $YOO tokens, playable characters, and lands, depending on the number of held NFTs and their rarity.

WAGMI Game&Breeding Guild creation – planned
🗓 The WAGMI team plans to introduce the first p2e guild for CIS players! The team is already actively leasing game accounts and breeding in Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, has an extensive Star Atlas fleet and is constantly researching and investing in new p2e games. Holders of YOOMOOTA NFTs will receive an airdrop of $WAGMI tokens, depending on the number and rarity of their NFTs, allowing them to become investors in the p2e expansion without playing themselves.
📊 “Economic flywheel” in details
📊 Our goal is to tackle several economic challenges: How to increase the turnover of the collection? How to preserve the minimum price threshold of the collection?
How to reduce the number of Yoomoota NFTs offered for sale on marketplaces?
How to diversify risks and create an additional source of income?
How to add value for our NFT holders?

The WAGMI Team developed a unique mechanism that will keep the collection economy healthy, whilst rewarding the loyal supporters of the YOOMOOTA community!
The YOOMOOTA NFTs collection will be earning a 5% royalty income. At the same time, the team will allocate part of the funds for the purchase and staking of AXS token (~81% APR) to create an additional source of income that is independent of the market conditions for NFT collectibles.
40% of the income from the royalties and AXS staking will go to the team’s treasury for further project development and promotion.
30% of the income will be used regularly to buy YOOMOOTA NFTs from marketplaces to keep a price floor and provide additional liquidity.
30% of the monthly income will go towards the artist’s merchandise production costs and special prizes to reward YOOMOOTA NFT holders.

The WAGMI Team will develop a mechanism for staking NFTs, where, depending on the selected staking period, the number of NFTs, and their rarity, participants will receive a bigger or smaller number of lottery tickets.
The lottery will be held once every 2 to 4 weeks, where players will be able to win YOOMOOTA NFTs that have been reclaimed from the secondary market, merch from the artist, WL, and NFTs of partner projects, as well as other special prizes.
Thus, YOOMOOTA NFT holders and stakers will receive additional utility that will provide them with the potential for increased profit and a chance to participate in the art space, as well as the opportunity to easily become involved in other quality third-party NFT projects.
This initiative will reward the true fans of YOOMOOTA and will reduce the supply in the secondary market, which, among other things, will have a positive effect on the price.
As a result: The YOOMOOTA project will enjoy a healthy, organic economic development through multiple sources of income The YOOMOOTA NFT’s price is maintained at a higher level The loyal YOOMOOTA NFT holders will have additional utility through staking

Additional Info

The public sale: May 6th at 15:00 UTC
Price: 0.15 ETH

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!
OpenSea- https://opensea.io/collection/yoomoota-universe
Mint: https://mint.yoomoota.io/

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