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07/08/22 UTC

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Project Description

ZODIAC is a multidisciplinary artistic development of 3D sculptures inspired by the Zodiacal Constellations and the universes created by contemporary avant-garde artists. ZODIAC Edition One is done in collaboration with TAS Visuals aka The Adventurous Spark. A designer from Austria, creator of fantastic artistic journeys and known for his amazing multidimensional videos. An artist and ‘portal agent’ lighting up festivals around the world with map projection and live visuals. With you it will be something big, are you coming?

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities

Zodiac Project X TAS NFT Roadmap

Zodiac Edition One

Zodiac NFT x Tas Progress
3600 ZODIACS NFT x TAS Visuals.
Free Mint.

Zodiac Festivals Progress
Immersive traveling festivals to immerse yourself in a psychedelic trip with the latest trend in electronic music

Zodiac Exhibitions Progress
Immersive traveling exhibitions to immerse you in a vibrant experience that allows you to experience the energy of each zodiac sign in multiple dimensions.

Art Prize Progress
Will culminate this first stage of the trip with the ZODIAC Art Prize, a contest for the selection of new artists for ZODIAC Edition Two.

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