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06/23/22 UTC

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Project Description

Army of 5,555 randomly generated Zombie Turtles who have risen from the Solana Sea to seek vengeance against plastic polluting scum. 50% royalties + $5,000 in members-only prizes. ACTION + CHARITY DRIVEN community project with utility to preserve the ocean with a $50,000 donation, pull one ton+ of plastic and trash from the ocean and coastline, and IRL beach cleanups with members with live music performances.

Project's Roadmap and/ or Current Activities


Launch 5555 Zombie Turtles that are all unique, sustainably driven, and algorithmically generated with varying rarity to our community.

When the collection sells out we will get listed on Solana NFT secondary marketplaces such as Magic Eden, DigitalEyes, and OpenSea.

First Donation.
Will donate a percentage of mint revenue valued at $50,000 to a global 501c3 non-governmental organization that supports ocean and marine life conservation.

Merch store drop, 50% quarterly royalty distribution, $5,000 in members only role-driven raffles, and more will be airdropped to verified ZT holders. Snapshots will be taken to verify that wallet addresses have unlisted their Zombie Turtles in order to receive giveaways.

Ocean Plastic Removal.
Will directly fund the removal of one ton+ of trash and plastic from the ocean, estuaries, and coastline to combat ocean plastic pollution.

Beach Cleanup.
Will use a portion of mint revenue to fund and host our first community beach cleanup to remove trash and plastic from the coastline. We will vibe out after to celebrate our efforts. Verified holders and friends will be welcomed. Surprise live music performances and lucky holders will be entered to win a trip to the beach cleanup location.

The Future V2.
Zombie Turtle DAO & Impact Fund. Your NFT = Voting Power. Sustainability initiatives. Zombie Turtle breeding and more collaborations. More community beach cleanups — a coast to coast adventure to make an impact on the world. The future is exciting and you don’t want to miss out.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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