Solana blockchain-based NFT video game founded by Bloomverse

Solana blockchain-based NFT video game founded by Bloomverse

The goal that Bloomverse wanted is to create an all-in-one game economy with real-life utility. While most of the blockchains today are based on play-to-earn games, which are limited to the players using their in-game tokens on either more in-game NFTs or requiring to trade with multiple mediums before it reaches the FIAT.

In a broader sense, for those who are first time hearing the FIAT, it is a government-issued currency, which not backed by any kind of physical assets.

With the low transactional fees and other benefits that Solana Blockchain has, Bloomverse wanted to take the advantage to open retail stores, directly interact with the players that ables to introduce platform brands, and offer consumer subscriptions, all can be access in the ecosystem.

In a tweet, Bloomverse shared that they are proud to be part of the community that Solana has.

In addition, there will be also character cosmetics that allow players to personally customize the avatars that they will be using and provide both on and offline perks.

With rapid strides being made in development, Bloomverse plans to reward early adopters and fund itself within its community by releasing a collection of “Founding Fighter” NFTs in early June 2022, with access to the governance token (BLOOM) private sale and “private party” privileges for all NFT holders and supporters of the initiative.

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