Sony x ThetaDrop "The Tiki Guy" SR Display Sold Out In Just 30 Seconds

Sony x ThetaDrop “The Tiki Guy” SR Display Sold Out In Just 30 Seconds

Last Thursday, the next generation NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop, announced their official drop of NFT with the major technology company, Sony Electronics, to release their 3D Spatial Reality Display called “The Tiki Guy,” which is set to start last Friday, June 17 at 1:00 p.m PT.

The Spatial Reality Display (SR Display) reproduces three-dimensional spatial pictures that may be viewed with the naked eye without the use of special glasses or headsets.

It enables you to perceive the depth, texture, and look of the thing with a true feeling of presence, allowing you to completely communicate the creator’s vision while presenting product designs or demonstrating changes in color and form in a showroom.

This novel spatial experience gives the impression that there is another universe hidden behind the display and can properly convey the creator’s goal to the spectator.

Currently, it was announced that Sony 510 edition “The Tiki Guy” SR Display was sold out in less than 30 seconds.

According to Mitch Liu, CEO and co-founder of Theta Labs, “Innovation in digital collectibles and utility NFTs secured by digital rights management are key to unlocking tremendous value. Sony’s Spatial Reality Displays look increasingly three-dimensional and holographic. We’re looking forward to bringing greater brand content to the market.”

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