Such Prizes are Waiting: The Sandbox GAMEE Jam Competition

Such Prizes are Waiting: The Sandbox GAMEE Jam Competition

The popular crypto metaverse, Sandbox, is now returning with a brand new installment of its jam game-design contest. Now, they are collaborating with the play-to-earn platform “GAMEE” to focus on casual games.

Dubbed The Sandbox GAMEE Jam, the competition started on the 9th of May, and the deadline for game submission is the 22nd of May at 11:59 PM UTC. Judging and voting will take place from the 23rd of May until the 12th of June, results will be announced on the 18th of June.

Some criteria were given which include the game must be teamed up with four members, and the gaming platform that will be submitted will be judged on its overall concept, game/level design, creativity, and playability. Bonus points and the Wow factor are also up for grab.

For the entrants, there are a few guidelines that will have to follow for fairer and cleaner competition. Such as the requirement for the game to be designed using The Sandbox Game Maker software, and for it to include elements of playability (i.e. quests, missions, etc.).

Additionally, the direct copies of the existing experiences will not be welcome, and spamming the competition with multiple low-quality games to achieve a place in the top ten may lead to a blanket disqualification of all your submissions.

After the results are announced, 15,000 $SAND and 10 G-Bot packs from GAMEE will be split amongst the winners, with first-place receiving 6,000 $SAND and a Legendary G-Bot pack, second place receiving 3,500 $SAND and an Epic G-Bot pack, third place receiving 2,000 $SAND and a Rare G-Bot pack, and those finishing 4th-10th receiving 500 $SAND and a Common G-Bot pack.

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